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Happy End of Tax Season! Who’s Going to Disney World?

Happy End of Tax Season! Who’s Going to Disney World?

Happy End of Tax Season! Who’s Going to Disney World?

I know you all are thinking …”Hmmm what can I do to celebrate this wonderful occasion?” We all deserve a little something for surviving another tax season, right? I just completed my 15th tax season with Drake and I must confess, I’ve selfishly considered the idea of rewarding myself. If you just survived your first tax season, you are probably most deserving of a reward.

Well, I think I have a suggestion that will help you decide what reward is right for you. To celebrate this achievement, you probably need some money, right? Hypothetically speaking, of course, let’s say $400 would be appropriate to treat yourself to a much-deserved something of your choice.

Coincidentally, my suggestion involves saving you $400. Wow, what are the odds of that? I really need the right intro to reveal this most outstanding suggestion. Drum roll, please ............................. it’s a long drum roll, for effect ............................. OK, that’s enough: PURCHASE DRAKE SOFTWARE TODAY! Remember that $400 savings I was telling you about? If you purchase today, you pay a discounted price of only $1095. Just so there is no misunderstanding, if you want to pay us the retail price ($1495), we will accept it, but that really defeats the purpose of this article from your standpoint.

And now that I’ve justified this $400 shopping spree for everyone, how will you plan to reward yourself?

Still thinking?


Really? Ok, I wasn’t planning on taking up too much of your post tax season free time. Instead of just thinking about it, why not be productive at the same time?
Whilst you ponder, visit DrakeSoftware.com.
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We hope you had a profitable tax season and we look forward to serving you next year.

Now go enjoy some much-deserved rest and relaxation!

Post by Brian Stork
VP of Application Development

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