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Drake Client Write-Up – A Top Contender in Accounting Software

Drake Client Write-Up – A Top Contender in Accounting Software

Drake Client Write-Up – A Top Contender in Accounting Software

By Brian Stork
Vice President of Application Development

 Accountants and tax preparers nationwide are familiar with Drake’s flagship product, Drake Professional Tax Software.  It’s what put us on the map.  But we want the accounting community to take notice of another product we've been developing and enhancing over the last few years: Drake Client Write-Up (CWU).  CWU has become an extensive accounting package with modules for payroll, bookkeeping, contractor payments, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and "on-the-fly" forms.  It’s a great complement to our tax software, with integration capabilities and seamless 94x e-file.  

In its review of Client Write-Up software this year, The Progressive Accountant called Client Write-Up a critical accounting service, noting that, “…an interesting thing has happened over the past five years – clients actually expect their accountants to be partners in their firm.  To identify problems before they hit the bottom line.  To help correct compliance issues before it is mandated by a court.  To give management a heads-up before a line item becomes a crisis.  And in this process, the simple financial statements of Client Write-Up have become the first line of defense.” 

That review of top contenders in Client Write-Up included our own Drake product, and shared recent enhancements to our product that include upgraded security features; import capabilities from spreadsheets; the ability to print all forms and documents in PDF format; and the ability to print mailing labels using roll labels. 

But these are not the only features of our software.  Here are some others worth noting: 


The Payroll module provides live and after-the-fact employee payroll with additional portal access available on the Internet - more on portals later.  Also included are MICR check printing, direct deposit, e-filing quarterly and yearly employment tax forms, and e-filing Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC.

Employee payroll supports direct and indirect tips, Advance Earned Income Credit, and up to 20 additional payroll benefits and deductions per check. 

Forms 940, 941, 941SS, 941X, 943, 943X, 944, 944X, 944SS and W-2 are supported, as well as all state quarterly unemployment forms. Payroll journal entries can be created from payroll checks entered to save keystrokes. 


With the Bookkeeping module, set up a custom chart of accounts, import from an existing client or use a template.  During setup, change account information as needed, add account levels, enter current, budget, and starting balances, and export to Drake Tax Software.  Make journal entries to one of the five separate journals – general, cash receipts, cash deposits, payroll, or budget – or save time and have CWU do it automatically.  Reconcile cash accounts, post monthly transactions and close at year-end, and format financial reports using custom headers, footnotes, and a logo. View or further customize any of the financial reports, using most word processors. 

The Contractor payment and Accounts Payable modules combine to print and track payments (live or after-the-fact) to contractors (1099-MISC) and other payees. Pay contractors via direct deposit, and, for payees, pay by invoice or simply use the check writer with minimal to no setup involved. At year end, create Forms 1099-MISC and print or e-file when needed. 


CWU Portals is a web-based service designed to have employers perform some of the more time consuming and labor intensive parts of payroll processing.  By having the employer perform these redundant and time consuming tasks, the firm has more time for the more analytical and profitable tasks on behalf of the employer.  

CWU Portals allows those using CWU (the “firm”) to extend payroll services to more of their clients (the “employer”).  Employers can maintain their own payroll-specific demographic and pay information.  To expedite and standardize the payroll process, employers create and verify pay information and monitor it during each payroll cycle.  Once the payroll information is processed, the firm prints the checks (if needed), runs payroll reports, makes the 94X tax deposit and files the 94X tax return on behalf of the employer.  

Drake provides a 30-day free trial of CWU Portals to CWU clients so you can “try before you buy.”  To sign up for the free trial, log on to Drake’s Customer Site, select the Client Write-Up tab, then select CWU Portals. 

Learning Tools 

Concerned about learning a new accounting software?  We can understand that.  That’s why we offer a number of ways to learn Drake CWU.  Access many help tools on our website – a complete User Guide, a hands-on Practice Scenario, and 20+ Tutorials.  In addition, we regularly offer CWU Webinars in our e-Training Center (www.drakeetc.com ).   If live training is what you need, we offer 1-3 day live training courses during the summer months at our corporate training center in Franklin, NC, and in select locations around the country.  Throw in our world class customer service team and there’s no reason to fret, we’ll have you up to speed in no time. 

Built The Drake Way 

Our flagship tax software was built with speed and efficiency in mind, by technologists and accountants who strive to ensure that our products work reliability, every time.  That same philosophy, same focus, and same goal also extend to Drake CWU.  It’s the “Drake Way,” the only way we know how to combine simplicity, efficient design and productivity.  

I’m Convinced, How Do I Try It Out? 

So, we’ve perked your interest eh?  Well, trying it out is simple.  Drake CWU is FREE with the Unlimited version of Drake Software.  If you’ve purchased Drake Tax Software - Unlimited, all you have to do is install CWU from the CD or our website.  Try it out with a few of your clients and see what you think.  If you are a Drake Pay-Per-Return customer, CWU is available for just $295.


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