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Pay Balance Due with Credit Card or Debit Card

Pay Balance Due with Credit Card or Debit Card

Pay Balance Due with Credit Card or Debit Card

Drake continues its partnership with Value Payment Systems (VPS) to offer electronic tax payment solutions in 2014.  Tens of thousands of taxpayers have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in tax bills over the years through our two E-PAY solutions, Integrated File and Pay (IFP) and the Drake E-Payment Center.

Integrated File and Pay (IFP)

What is IFP?

IFP is a fast and secure way to pay a tax due amount by credit or debit card when the return is e-filed. The payment is authorized before the return is e-filed and is processed after the return is accepted. The payment process is easily initiated from within data entry on the tax return’s EPAY screen.

Forms/payments supported:

  • E-filed Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
  • E-filed form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

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Drake E-Payment Center


Why use the E-Payment Center?

The E-Payment Center is a convenient option for taxpayers who choose to pay their tax bill at their own convenience once the return is filed. Unlike IFP, this option is not integrated with the e-file process; instead, taxpayers can simply go to our E-Payment Center at any time to make their payment. In addition to Form 1040 and 4868 payments, many other payment options are available at the E-Payment Center, including quarterly estimated tax payments.

All available federal and state payment options
More information about the E-Payment Center

About Value Payment Systems (VPS)

VPS hosts and maintains the IFP solution and the E-Payment Center website. VPS is partnered with RBS WorldPay, one of three companies authorized by the IRS to process tax payments.


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