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Drake Advisory Group

Drake Advisory Group

The Drake Advisory Group (DAG) was formed to help Drake Software (DS) users advise their clients in the areas of Retirement, Estate, and Business Planning.  DAG functions as back office support to DS users, providing technical and strategic planning on a no fee basis to DS accounting firms nationwide.

The Most Prominent Issues that We Have Been Asked to Address

  • Protecting retirement assets from market losses. Historically, the choices have been very limited. If you want growth, put your assets at risk in the market. If you want security, put your assets in low yield fixed financial vehicles such as CD’s or bonds. Now we have a financial vehicle that has the both high growth and security. This vehicle is 100% secure with guaranteed minimum return with access to market performance. 
  • Roth Conversion studies
  • Developing individual retirement strategies

Call or e-mail Frank @ 828-488-1950 ext 306 and your area Case Manager will provide a custom analysis.

Drake Advisory Group Partners with Experts in Pension Administration

To enhance its advisory services, DAG partnered with Raymond, Reeves, & Stout, LLP (RR&S) in early 2010. RR&S is a full-service third-party administration firm. Founded in 1970, the firm has decades of technical pension expertise, including  running  feasibility studies, cost/benefit analysis, retirement plan design, plan implementation, installation, and reporting.

With this strategic alliance, DAG has expanded the scope of available tools to Drake Software firms enabling them to better advise their clients.

Tax Qualified Plans for 2011 (most plans must be installed or amended by 12/31/2010)

Do you or your clients want to maximize your tax deductable contributions in 2011?  DAG will prepare a strategic review of your plan and for your select clients; simply fill out our census and fact finder.  Email Drake Advisory Group.

Informational and Training Links Coming Soon to Our Website                               

These will be 5 to 40 minute power point presentations on various technical subjects and practical applications that will include:

  • Qualified Plans - The use of various plans.
  • Retirement Planning - Strategies for both pre and post retirement.
  • Estate Planning - Addressing estate tax reduction, tax payment and distribution issues.
  • Business Continuation - Structuring the business for sale, retirement and/or transfer.
  • Current Developments in the “Pension World”.

Drake Software Blog Team

The Drake Software Blog Team is proud to cover the latest in tax-industry-related news, from tax law and IRS updates to technology and business strategies. If you have questions about an article or just want to reach out to our staff, email comments@taxingsubjects.com.