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Webinars for CPE

Webinars for CPE

Webinars for CPE

Get a head start on your CPE requirements for 2012 for as little as $19 per credit.  Whether you’re an EA, RTRP or a CPA, Drake has the CPE for you!

Join us for one of the following webinars in February:

Investment Income    - Take an in-depth look at the special rules for taxation of children, identification of ordinary income, capital gain, and exempt income from interest and dividends, and special situations where a partial exclusion of gain on the sale of a principal residence apply.

Itemized Deductions  - The webinar takes a look at several specific deductions on the Schedule A, including the deductible medical expenses for non-dependent individuals, the deductions for state and local sales taxes or state and local income taxes, and the job expenses, gambling losses, and work-related education expenses that qualify as miscellaneous itemized deductions.

Dependents and Relationships  - In this webinar we define “dependent" for tax purposes, determine if a person qualifies as a dependent, identify the requirements for each type of qualifying dependent, identify credits available for taxpayers with dependents, and more.

Divorce or Separation  - This course discusses rules that apply to divorced or separated taxpayers and the tax effects of categorizing payments between divorced individuals as alimony, child support, or property settlements. This course also addresses tax benefits that are available based on children of divorced or separated parents. Tax rules are applied to specific fact patterns with summaries of relevant court cases and examples that illustrate the concepts involved. The student will:  Determine whether payments made by divorced or separated taxpayers qualify as alimony, determine whether payments made by a former spouse are child support payments, calculate tax effects on filing status and dependency when a custodial parent releases the claim for exemption for a child.

e-Filing 94X Series Tax Returns  - FREE  to attend: The e-Filing 94X Series Tax Returns webinar reviews what is required to e-file the 94X series of tax returns as well as the many helpful resources specific to Client Write-Up.

End of Year e-Filing in CWU  - FREE  to attend: The End of Year e-Filing webinar reviews what is required to generate, process, and e-file W-2s and 1099s(regular and on-the-fly). The student will learn the setup required and how to produce and print W-2s and 1099s in Client Write-Up, the steps that are required in order to e-file these tax returns and how to produce W-2s and 1099s on-the-fly, with minimal setup, for clients who keep their own books.

The Drake 101 Series of Webinars  - FREEE to attend: This series includes Program Settings and Tools, Data Entry, and e-Filing in Drake. Each webinar is designed to walk the preparer though the software, and is great option for the new Drake preparer or one looking for a referesher in a particular area. These webinars are  also available in Spanish.

Visit the e-Training Center at  DrakeETC.com for more details, to view dates and time, and to register.




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