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Tax Refunds Delayed

Tax Refunds Delayed

In an IRS Industry call at 2pm January 26, the IRS indicated that some of their new "upfront fraud filters" had held up more returns that then had anticipated.

For the ones that were held up, the refunds would be delayed a week.  This should only impact tax returns transmitted through January 24th.  Returns transmitted to the IRS on January 25th or after should go through under the normal refund cycle.

I would take this to mean that they have relaxed some of their "fraud filters" beginning on that date.
The IRS issued an update here... IRS UPDATE

If your customers want to check on their refund, then they can check on this Where's My Refund link.

For those of you using Drake Tax Software, we include a tool in the software that will take you directly to that website and put in the right information.  Simply go to EF> Search EF Database, enter the SSN of the taxpayer and click "GO".  Then Click "Where is my refund" on that first tab.

This delay is impacting all transmitters including taxpayers who are preparing their own tax returns and Efiling them.  So for our  customers who have a 1040.com Preparer website for efiling, your customers that file there before Jan 25th COULD be delayed as well.

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