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Recharge your business in 2013

Recharge your business in 2013

With the new year in full swing, most business owners are focused and ready to set the foundation for a successful year. Here are six ways you can recharge your business in 2013.

Line up your priorities. Set a stopwatch for 20 minutes and write down everything that needs to get done. After that, check which tasks are the most important to you, your business and your family. Place this list somewhere where you will see it on a daily basis: your workspace, bathroom, kitchen, or car. Make sure your activities each day are mostly geared around accomplishing these goals.


Forget the New Year’s resolutions. A Franklin Covey survey found that 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions will break them, and a third of them don’t make it through January. Instead of creating your resolutions for 2013, make a list of accomplishments and mistakes. Come up with ways to avoid making similar mistakes, and make sure to celebrate your wins.


Build important connections. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for interesting and beneficial opportunities. This year, take advantage of social and business get togethers, by viewing them as opportunities to meet people and make more connections that could further your business.

Evaluate yourself as a business leader. Odds are you don’t get a yearly performance review, but  it is a good idea to review yourself. Write down your strongest characteristics as a leader, and then write down the weakest (being as objective as possible). Think about how each characteristic, good and bad, impacted your business last year. This type of assessment can help you pinpoint areas to improve.


Show the love. Be wary of becoming too introverted with your own personal agendas. Your employees will notice. Think about the most important people you’ve worked with last year -whether it was a devoted assistant or a colleague who kept introducing you to great contacts. Take the time to let them know how much you appreciate them.


Take time to relax. No matter how busy your schedule gets, every entrepreneur should take some time to unwind and unplug from everything. This year, make every effort to RELAX .

If you always have your phone by your side, leave it or at least turn it off. Rest and relaxation is not only good for you, it might just provide you with that new idea or perspective that you have been looking for!



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