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Let My PTIN Go

Let My PTIN Go

I’ve spoken with several preparers the last few months who have experienced some degree of difficulty in obtaining or registering their PTIN. Some called in a panic last week because their application was still “pending”, and tax season was about to start.

The IRS issued notice 2011-11, which will allow certain tax preparers who have applied to register or obtain a PTIN, to file tax returns using either their old PTIN or their SSN until they receive a response on their application. The notice indicates that these preparers will receive instructions from the on-line application process on how to proceed.

For preparers who have filed a paper application (W-12) with a payment, this will constitute a good faith effort to comply with the requirement.

Tax preparers who receive a new PTIN during tax season should immediately begin to use the new PTIN.

IRS Notice 2011-11 has been released, and can be accessed by clicking here.
Internal Revenue Bulletin 2001-7 should be released soon and provide additional details of the clemency.

Posted by John Sapp
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