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FOIA Awareness for PTIN Holders

FOIA Awareness for PTIN Holders

PTIN application changes

The IRS is changing the “Permanent Mailing Address” box on the PTIN application to “Personal Mailing Address”. This change clarifies that the information is personal and exempt from public disclosure under FOIA rules.

Also, the IRS is removing the prohibition on entering a post office box in the “Business Mailing Address” box on the PTIN application. PTIN holders may now enter a P.O. Box as their business mailing address.

If you used your Personal Mailing Address as your Business Mailing Address or used a street address when you would have preferred to provide a P.O Box as your Business Mailing Address, you may want to update your contact information.  This information is not exempt from disclosure under FOIA rules and it will be released even if it is the same as your Personal Mailing Address.

For more information visit IRS.Gov.


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