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Drake e-Training Center Webinar Schedule

Drake e-Training Center Webinar Schedule

Drake e-Training Center Webinar Schedule

Drake e-Training Center Webinars provide an effective and convenient way to enhance your knowledge through online education. Webinar topics range from tax subjects to Drake Software applications, with new webinars being added each month. Our webinars are presented with live panelists, so you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions during the event. Earn CPE for your participation (no tests required) and keep track of your completed webinars and CPE certificates online, using your Drake e-Training Center account.How to register
Upcoming Webinars:

IRAs  —  May 8, 2012, 4 p.m. EST  •  $15.00 ($19.00 non-Drake)  •   CPE Details
The IRA webinar focuses on identifying different Individual Retirement Arrangements, or IRAs, what distinguishes each type, and how to report them for tax purposes. The objectives of this course are to: Define the four types of Individual Retirement Arrangements, discuss minimum, maximum, less than minimum, and more than maximum contributions and distributions, describe the penalties associated with early distributions and excess accumulations, and explain tax reporting for Traditional and Roth IRAs.

How To Do a Basic 1065 Return  —  May 9, 2012, 2 p.m. EST  •  $15.00 ($19.00 non-Drake)  •   CPE Details
Course Description: In this webinar we’ll look at Partnership Returns, key concepts and terminology concerning partnerships, taxation, and how to prepare Form 1065. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: Identify what constitutes a Partnership or LLC, discuss Partner Income, Gain/Loss, discuss Partnership Taxation, explain how to prepare a basic 1065 return.

Depreciation  —  May 16, 2012, 11 a.m. EST  •  $15.00 ($19.00 non-Drake)  •   CPE Details
This webinar examines the basics of depreciation within the scope of preparing an individual income tax return (Form 1040). During the course of the webinar, students will: Identify and define depreciable assets, determine the methods of depreciation, define the basis and life of a depreciable asset, apply concepts to practical examples.

Avoid Ethical Violations  —  May 17, 2012, 11 a.m. EST  •  $29.00 ($39.00 non-Drake)  •   CPE Details
                                             May 24, 2012, 3 p.m. EST  •  $29.00 ($39.00 non-Drake)  •   CPE Details
This course examines how Administrative Law Judges apply regulations governing practice before the Internal Revenue Service in disciplinary proceedings involving practitioners. Information in this course is based on written decisions in cases involving the following allegations against practitioners: Giving false or misleading information to IRS personnel, failure to file federal income tax returns, improperly preparing or signing Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, failure to provide information to IRS personnel, frivolous positions that do not meet the realistic possibility standard, and tax fraud schemes. Duration: 100 minutes (2 credit hours)

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