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Bragging Rights . . . All Eyes on You

Bragging Rights . . . All Eyes on You

Successful marketing strategies help improve your company and increase your business. There are a several easy steps you can take to help gain the satisfaction and recognition you desire, and help attract new clients along the way.  Here are a few ideas to help you get noticed:

  1. Earn Credentials. Certification is your ticket to credibility with your clients and your peers. When you have certification to back you up, you are recognized more and treated with a higher standard of respect.

  2. Showcase Results.  A great way to promote your business is to let people know what others think about the services you provide.  So, it just makes sense to spread the word by sharing news and popular opinions about your business. Social media sites are a great place to start. If you have permission to use a quoted statement from a client, consider using a global media site to showcase your feedback.

  3. Get Noticed. Websites and other articles promoting your company can showcase your business.  An online presence is a must these days.  Don’t forget to register your website with search engines such as Google.com so your site will be indexed in a way that will drive potential clients to your site when they perform an online search.

  4. Talk Business. Communication, in all forms, is the number one way to broadcast a company’s accomplishments. Create a list of things you think potential clients can benefit from and be ready to sell your business and the services your offer at every given opportunity.

  5. Spread the Word.  Consider being a guest writer for your local newspaper.  Select a topic that will draw a reader’s interest, throw in a few plugs about your business where you highlight key achievements, and be sure to include the bottom line so your prospects knows why they should chose you for their tax and accounting needs.  If a local paper isn’t your best option, consider a guest spot on a local radio station or publish a printed piece of your very own. 

Every company strives to build a better reputation. Quality time spent using these tips will help improve your advertising, help build a strong reputation for you and your firm, attract new clients, and increase your revenue.


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